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Dark Times

Introduction Welcome to my little home brew campaign, I have put together this document to let you all know what to expect and give you some details for getting started on character creation.

World Overview Over a two thousand years ago the land of Torvos was enslaved by darkness, unimaginable evil ruled the land and its people were slaves and worse than slaves. Then Sul arose and with an army of immortals, drove back the darkness and forged the Empire of the Sun. For a two thousand years the Empire ruled over the land of Torvos, the house of Sul ruled wisely, well and all races prospered. Now the Empire has fallen, torn from within as the scorn of the house of Sul fell upon each with knives, magic and armies, each vying to claim the unoccupied throne. Former vassal states and cities find themselves alone once more. Alliances must be formed and trade reestablished for, after almost two thousand years of central rule, few cities are self sufficient, and fewer still have might to defend from an aggressive assault.

Local Overview Blackstone is quarry town famed for its strong black granite, a material much in demand for fortifications and keeps. Located deep in the Storm Peaks, Blackstone is only accessible through the Thunder Pass, a wide river valley cutting down through the mountains to the Summer Plains below. Almost all the industry in Blackstone is built around the black granite trade and the mountain soil is barely adequate for farming in any case, this leaves Blackstone in a precarious position indeed as central authority fails.

Campaign Overview Heroes with the abilities of Player Characters are rare on Torvos, the reasons behind this remain unclear, but even a group just starting to make a name for themselves will find work easily. The PCs form the core of one such group, having just arrived in Blackstone via a portal created by the wizard Mortimus, the players seek out the lord mayor, one Papworth Everard, to find the truth in rumors of a lucrative job on offer.

Heroes During the time of the Empire of the Sun, individuals who displayed the talent necessary to become heroes (take player character levels) have been tattooed with a Sign of Burning Flame (specific tattoos vary by culture and individual), literally marked for greatness, this practice persists in many areas as such a mark is often greeted with marked respect, regardless of social stature. Your characters may bear a mark of this kind if you wish, or perhaps your characters avoided the marking by accident or design.

Setting Details Setting: home brewed “Points of light” like setting. Feel: More Mercenary than my previous game. Rules: All rules as Core, I reserve the right to play with the aesthetics though.

Character Options Rule Set: 4th Ed (all core books + Class books (Martial Power etc)). Expected Play Levels: 4-15. Ability Score Generation: Methods 1 and 2 from the PHB (page 17). Starting Equipment: Level appropriate equipment will be made available at the start of the campaign for players to choose from the core books. XP Method: Standard method from the DMG and quest rewards, given after extended rest as appropriate. Alignment: Any, although characters should be suitably avid about adventures of a militant on a paying contract basis.

Starting Treasure Starting cash 50gp Mundane items and rituals totaling less than 673gp Treasure packets representing exactly the treasure characters of 4th level should have will be distributed randomly between the players during the first session, these will specify set item levels that may be chosen from the core books by each player (eg: you may get a 5th level item choice, allowing you to pick any 5th level item from the core books). These treasure packets are not negotiable and can only be exchanged as whole, unassigned packets.

Death and New Characters Standard rules for dying characters (PH page 295) and Raise Dead is available after 8th level as normal. For making new characters use all the standard rules except starting treasure, which will be available as follows: For characters who leave the party taking items with them or die in a manor that does not allow the recovery of items, the new character may choose items of the same level from the core books and spend the same amount in cash (reverting to 50gp starting cash after creation). For characters that whose treasure is redistributed amongst the party, the new character comes in with only items and cash of equivalence to that which is lost to the party as a whole (ie: I suggest encouraging your fellow party members to bury your dead character with his gear and donate his wealth to charity or similar).

Misc Details Start : June or July probably, depends on current campaign. Playtime: First Saturday of each month, 1pm-6pm(ish). Players: 5

Player Races Deva: Largely made up the nobility in the time of the Empire of the Sun, the fall of the empire has left many dispossessed and others isolated from there holdings.

Dragonborn: New arrivals from across the Great Sea, exploration and adventure are in the blood of this newly settled people.

Dwarf: Survived the Dark Times by pulling back into their fortress holds, isolated and out of contact many failed or fell prey to invaders, slowly rebuilt relations with other races during the time of the Empire.

Eladrin: Retreated into the Feywild to avoid the Dark Times, distrustful of the Empire, they have only recently appeared back in the world.

Elf: Trusting in their forest homes to protect them elves drew back into the deep woods during the Dark Times, this lead to a wide distrust from many humans during the early days of the Empire, the help of the elves may have proved slow in coming, but it proves crucial in winning the final battles against the darkness.

Gnome: Hunted almost to extinction during the Dark Times, gnome society have only begun to recover during the time of the Empire, most gnomes exist in small family groups within communities of sympathetic races.

Goliath: Largely unaffected by either the Dark Times or the Empire, life for the Goliath tribes has continued much as it always has for countless generations.

Half-Elf: With fresh trust between elves and humans during the time of the Empire, only true bigots make any issues of shared elven and human heritage and half-elves have found welcome in the company of both races.

Half-Orc: The Empire took a great toll on the orc tribes during it’s reign, but orcs have always been hardy, and their numbers have begun to rise during recent years, as always this has lead to an increase in half-orcs among human towns and cities near lands claimed by orc tribes.

Halfling: Took to the waters for safety during the Dark Times, now live and trade from floating towns on the lakes and rivers.

Human: Suffered greatly during the Dark Times, allied with the Devas to throw back the darkness and raise the Empire.

Teifling: Tainted by foul blood, maligned reminders of the excesses of magic and lust for power.

Shifter: Experiments left over from the early days of the Empire, cast aside for more “reliable” troops early in the campaign.

Player Classes All classes are used as presented in the Core and Power books.

Players Gods As presented in the PHB (pages 21 and 22), Pelor takes on special significance as the major god of the Empire of the Sun, which, until recently, spanned the known world.

Players Outline

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