Starting from the next session we will be tracking the following:



Largest total damage from a single AOE attack


Largest damage dealt to a single target


Most damage taken in a single encounter


Most killing blows scored in a single encounter

Taking Names

Most critical hits scored in a single encounter


Most Natural 1’s rolled in a single encounter


Most failed saving throws in a single encounter


Highest attack roll that missed


Most humorous killing blow scored(by general acclaim)

Wham! Howdy.

Coolest combat move (by general acclaim)


Best line of dialog delivered to an NPC out of combat (by general acclaim)


Best line of dialog delivered to an NPC in combat (by general acclaim)

Just Resting

Most rounds spent KO’d in a single encounter

Leader of Men

Most damage healed with an AOE ability


Most damage healed with a single target ability

Helping Hand

Took the greatest risk in order to help a party member (by general acclaim)

Double Whammy

Critical twice in one turn

Not So Much

Use a power to re-roll an attack, and roll a natural 1 on the re-roll

Finish Him!

Land the killing blow on a solo monster

Gygax’s Smite

Receive a critical hit from a trap


Restore 3/4 of an ally’s HP in a single turn


Deal over 100 points of damage in one turn

Ruthless Punisher

Deal over 200 points of damage in one turn

Godlike Punisher

Deal over 300 points of damage in one turn

So Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong

Defeat a solo monster using only at-will attack powers (utility powers of any type are still allowed)

Nerfed Mage

Kill 8 minions with a single attack

Waste Not

Use a daily attack power and only target a minion or minions with it

You do WHAT?

Suggest an utterly random, pointless, and silly course of action, an have the party actually do it (DM Prerogative)

Kobold Shank

If your character is ever killed by a kobold

Narrative Wanderer

Waist an outrageous amount of time pursuing a topic that has very little to do with the task at hand (DM Prerogative)

Some of these Achievements may be contested by other players vying for the title, others may be held be anyone who meets the requirements.


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